Client Love


The session with Lupe has been truly amazing. She had a very good understanding of many aspects of my life and a lot of useful information and advice for the future. Her attitude was understanding, empathetic and I felt a positive and warm energy. I feel much more confident in what I have to do from now on. I highly recommend Lupe.

-- Andreea Tranca, Astrology Reading


 I had a reading with Guadalupe and she was spot on. She described so many traits of my personality, she also provided great knowledge of my birth chart and how the next moon or houses will influence my outcome. Great reading I will recommend her 100%

-- Viviana, Astrology Reading


Lupe did an amazing job with my reading. She was highly skilled in interpreting both my natal and progressed charts and how they related to my career, relationship, and home and family goals. She accurately pinpointed what was going on in my life, and gave me excellent advice moving forward. I highly recommend her to everyone interested in getting a birth chart reading. Thanks again, Lupe!

— Darrah, Astrology Reading

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Lupe gave me a 30 minute astrology reading. She was so thorough and it all made so much sense. Going through such a hard time in my life, I really needed to hear that there are better things ahead for me. She was flexible and focused on love and was so kind."

— Ashley, Astrology Reading

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I had a wonderful remote reiki session with Lupe. This was my first time receiving Reiki so I didn't know what to expect...especially with it being virtual due to Covid. Lupe put me at ease by explaining exactly what would take place during the session. Afterward, I felt recharged and replenished. Can't wait for my next session!

-- Najma, Remote Healing

-- Gina, Remote Healing

The virtual experience I had with Lupe was magical.  She walked me through every step of what would take place during the Reiki session. She then guided me through a relaxation with gentle music playing in the background. It was soothing. After the session, I noticed the Reiki continued to work through my body through various forms. All in all, I felt lighter than when I started.

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I want to thank you again. It was such a beautiful healing moment.

-- D.R. Remote Healing

I feel like all my negative energy has left my body. Seriously! I have a positive outlook on life today. Thank you.

-- S.P. In Person Healing

[Lupe] is a powerful force. I am so happy we crossed paths.

-- L.Z. In Person Healing

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado