Connect to your spirit guides

Weaving together psychism, intuition, shamanic wisdom, tarot, and general astrology for messages that support your highest good.

Please be mindful that the time stated does not reflect or include the time spent preparing for your reading.​

I also offer pre-recorded audio readings with card visuals which are done within 48 hours of ordering at lower rates.

Image by Jonatan Pie

15 minutes

Great for 1 specific question/intention/affirmation to be set/asked ahead of the reading and answered quickly.


Image by Joshua Newton

30 minutes

We dive deeper into a single question than we can in the 15 minute reading and work together to create a supportive plan of action.


Image by Tom Barrett

45 minutes

We open ourselves to receive general messages from your divine team/spirit guides that we then steer in the course we desire. A lot of opportunity for Q&A with spirit.


Image by Anshu A

 1 hour

For the individual seeking deep guidance on their soul's journey. For the individual truly committed to the highest evolution of their soul. For the spiritual seeker who doesn't know what the next step is.