Image by Amy Treasure

One Day Immersion

Astrology | Intuitive Reading | Chakra Scanning | Cord Cutting | Reiki 

This is a 3 hour virtual container for those who are hungry for change NOW, not later. 


We begin our three day immersion by identifying the root cause of our soul's stagnancy and inability to fulfill our unique potential and heart's desires with an astrology and intuitive reading. 


We then work on uprooting this subconscious patterning through conscious energy work.

The energetic portion consists of two main parts.


The first is the chakra scanning. I will scan your chakras and we will discuss potential imbalances, reasons behind those imbalances, and discuss ways to rebalance them.


If it feels appropriate, we may do a cord cutting ceremony in which we release you from cords of attachment to people who are no longer serving you and feeding your stagnancy. 


We finish our day of immersion with a 1 hour distance reiki healing session that will clear your energy body and prepare it to incorporate real change.


After the immersion, you will receive a calendar to book a 30 minute follow up call within a month of the healing to discuss how the integration is going.