Energy Healing


I am humbled and thrilled you are here. Taking care of our energy bodies is just as important as taking care of our physical bodies if not more especially if we are highly sensitive people or empaths.

We absorb so much of what isn't ours energetically and hardly anyone helps us discern what is ours and what isn't. An energy healing will help you realign with YOUR truth, YOUR power, & YOUR energy.


I am here to help you reclaim your boundaries and to feel safe in your fullest expression.


I use Usui Reiki a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. Reiki means universal life force energy. In a healing, I will call on the energy of Reiki and act as a vessel to transmit this powerful energy into your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual bodies.


I will also align and balance each of the seven major chakra centers.

You can read about my qualifications here.

Sliding Scale available on the last Sunday of every month.


Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature that most people are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of nature, they are actually based on them.


How does Reiki Work?


Are you ready to step into your fullest self?


Client Love


Our session was wonderful and much needed. The sounds and synchronization in our remote session helped me feel grounded. I very much recommend Lupe's services!

-- George, Remote Healing

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I had a wonderful remote reiki session with Lupe. This was my first time receiving Reiki so I didn't know what to expect...especially with it being virtual due to Covid. Lupe put me at ease by explaining exactly what would take place during the session. Afterward, I felt recharged and replenished. Can't wait for my next session!

-- Najma, Remote Healing

-- Gina, Remote Healing

The virtual experience I had with Lupe was magical.  She walked me through every step of what would take place during the Reiki session. She then guided me through a relaxation with gentle music playing in the background. It was soothing. After the session, I noticed the Reiki continued to work through my body through various forms. All in all, I felt lighter than when I started.

Therapist holding hands above head of th

I want to thank you again. It was such a beautiful healing moment.

-- D.R. Remote Healing

I feel like all my negative energy has left my body. Seriously! I have a positive outlook on life today. Thank you.

-- S.P. In Person Healing

[Lupe] is a powerful force. I am so happy we crossed paths.

-- L.Z. In Person Healing

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Book a Clarity Call

Please be aware of the time zone when booking.

Both video call & phone call are available.

What to Expect

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Healings can be performed remotely or in person in NYC.

Healings are only as powerful as our intentions.


In the beginning, we will move through a powerful conversation to hone in on your intention as well as build affirmations that will support you during the healing and thereafter. 


Guided by intuition, ​I will lead you through a personal meditation that prepares you to receive the healing.

An energy healing can include but is not limited to:

  • chakra alignment

  • chakra cleansing

  • chakra balancing

  • energy clearing

  • relief from physical ailments

  • relief from psychological ailments

  • deep relaxation and restoration

  • emotional release

  • clearer sense of purpose

  • clearer boundaries

  • sense of empowerment

  • deeper self awareness

  • feeling supported

At the end, there will be opportunity to discuss how you can continue to support your healing and awaken your healer within.

For remote sessions, I connect with you via audio or video in a phone call and stay connected throughout the session. I try to harmonize the setting with background music.

Multiple session packages are available at a discounted price.

Sliding Scale is available on the last Sunday of every month.

I encourage you to book a clarity call before booking your first session.