An astrologer translates the language and wisdom of the ancients to illuminate the current reasoning behind our reality.


Chances are if you're reading this, you want to believe or are coming to know that you, empowered, looks like you understanding and knowing who you truly are. 

Think of astrology as a map of your potentials and limitations with you as the ultimate driver of the direction you go in and decider of the extent to which you maximize or repress your soul's lessons, gifts, and purpose.

Astrology not only delivers us the invaluable gift of self-awareness, but along with that and a necessary complement to that if self-awareness is going to be wielded at its highest potential is the understanding that our self, who we are, is plugged into the universe, the collective self. 

Thank you for choosing me to enhance your soul's journey and reconnect you to the universe's beauty and wisdom within your astrology.






Natal Chart Reading

60 MIN $125

ZOOM | Video Call

Birth Time Required


You will receive a recording.

We dive deep for an hour to unpack your unique cosmic make-up. The snapshot of the sky reflects your inherent gifts, areas of growth, love language,  and soul lessons.  I sit with your chart to integrate it all together in a comprehensible way and work with you to help you find your resounding truth. You'll receive an audio recording to keep forever!

The Next 12 Months | Cosmic Currents

60 MIN $125

ZOOM | Video Call

Birth Time Required

You receive a recording.

Our soul is always going through multiple life lessons. Ease the growing pains. Learn about what themes are playing out this year for you & when.​We will go over the broader strokes of the year as well as do a month by month analysis. You will receive a GCAL to coordinate your year with your unique aspects and the day of their occurrence to use along with an audio recording. .


Cosmic Coaching Package

60 min each session


ZOOM | Video

Text Support in between sessions

3 months

6 sessions


6 months 

12 sessions


We meet every New Moon & Full Moon to discuss how each particular lunation is asking you to upgrade your life. We also go over the two weeks following each lunation. Cosmic coaching will help you realize what's outdated, what needs to change, and what deserves focus week by week so that you can move through the influencing energies constructively. Planets will make themselves heard one way or another. Here's your opportunity to take control over how you respond before they do.

In between sessions, you will able to contact me via text to ask cosmic questions.

Please book a 15 min call via the button below to coordinate a start date and discuss payment options. Payment plans are available.

Love Reading

60 MIN $125

ZOOM | Video Call

Birth Time Required

You will receive a recording.

In this reading, we get to make our subconscious blocks to love conscious using the wisdom of our natal astrology. Discover your unique love language and learn to navigate your relationships with greater awareness of your needs and your desires. Find out where and how you can invite more love into your life with ease even if it's just self-love and how to increase your sense of self-worth. Learn the most opportune times for meeting new people specific to your astrology and how to identify the times when the cosmos is calling for more solitude.


Relationship Compatibility with Partner

90 MIN $197

ZOOM | Video Call

Birth Time Required

You will receive a recording.

This reading focuses on your relationship compatibility with a current partner whose consent for the reading as well as birth time is required. It is recommended that both you and your partner are present for the reading. 

Learn each partner's emotional needs and understand better their desires and values. Learn where you get along and how to cope in the areas that don't come together so easily. Discover how the relationships is influencing your soul growth and the purpose of the relationship. The universe does not cross two people's lives in vain.

Cosmic Wellness

60 MIN $125

ZOOM | Video Call

Birth Time Required

You will receive a recording.

Learn self care musts that will help you ground the more challenging aspects of your astrology with a holistic wellness expert; Suggestions range from breath work, chakra therapy, yoga, crystals, exercises, food relationship, Ayurvedic practices, and more. 

I don't intend to be prescriptive in this reading either. I do have significant background in food and exercise as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and a graduate from a nutrition-oriented culinary school. I can apply these lenses to your natal astrology with the intention that you expand your relationship to your own personal wellness practices not narrow it or restrict it. You can read more about my experience here

Client Love

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The session with Lupe has been truly amazing. She had a very good understanding of many aspects of my life and a lot of useful information and advice for the future. Her attitude was understanding, empathetic and I felt a positive and warm energy. I feel much more confident in what I have to do from now on. I highly recommend Lupe.

-- Andreea Tranca, Astrology Reading


 I had a reading with Guadalupe and she was spot on. She described so many traits of my personality, she also provided great knowledge of my birth chart and how the next moon or houses will influence my outcome. Great reading I will recommend her 100%

-- Viviana, Astrology Reading


Lupe did an amazing job with my reading. She was highly skilled in interpreting both my natal and progressed charts and how they related to my career, relationship, and home and family goals. She accurately pinpointed what was going on in my life, and gave me excellent advice moving forward. I highly recommend her to everyone interested in getting a birth chart reading. Thanks again, Lupe!

— Darrah, Astrology Reading

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Lupe gave me a 30 minute astrology reading. She was so thorough and it all made so much sense. Going through such a hard time in my life, I really needed to hear that there are better things ahead for me. She was flexible and focused on love and was so kind."

— Ashley, Astrology Reading

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