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Who I am begins before me.

Call me Lupe. I am the daughter of Peruvian immigrants born and raised in NYC. Unwittingly, my nothing less than magical ancestry has permeated my life to shape a practice for you to hopefully find the magic, purpose, and faith within yours. 

I didn't so much go through a process of studying astrology, reiki, plant-based cooking, or yoga as I went through a process of remembering. My family in Peru consists of tarot readers, herbalists, shamans, bakers, chefs, and farmers. I am the humble culmination of everyone who came before me. I believe in inherited ancestral trauma. I believe in inherited ancestral wisdom. Astrology believes the same.


When we embrace the archetypes of astrology, we are accessing its tapestry. Through its embodiment, we tap into the universal consciousness and realize our infinite potential.

My path hasn't been linear because our lives are cyclical; that is what astrology teaches us. My only constant has been my commitment to my consistent growth and learning. Embracing all of me was an arduous process because I was constantly told to make myself smaller or to curb my explorations. 


I've pushed the limits of my heart, mind, body, and soul to breaking points and realized in doing so the gift of wholeness awaits you.


I'm Lupe and I honor you for all that you are and all that you can become, yet wherever you are, you are always enough. 

Where I've been

The most rewarding experience is the transformation of our internal world

Education & Experience

Hunter College, BA in Latin & Ancient Greek 

CUNY Graduate Center | Latin & Greek Institute
TEDx CUNY salon

The New School, Film Production Candidate 
Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts 


POP Pilates Group Fitness Instructor 

Sacred Brooklyn 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 

24 Hour Fitness 

Unit 108 Yoga 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

Crunch Fitness

TRX Suspension Training 

Corrective Exercise Specialization

AFAA Group Fitness Certification


Rebecca Gordon Astrology Intermediate Course 

Rebecca Gordon Astrology Medical Astrology Course 
Intermediate Astrology Course with Stormie Grace 
Beginners Astrology Course with Molly McCord 


Level I, Level II, Level III, + Master's Apprenticeship

with Thomas Capshew, LCSW Ph.D.