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I weave together astrology, energy healing, spiritual mediumship, and yogic philosophy + movement to deliver clarity of your unique purpose and transform fears, self doubt, and autopilot into truth, empowerment, and action so you can lead the life your soul craves.

Who I help

Sensitive beings, empaths, spiritual seekers, overwhelmed humans, anyone with a physical body wishing to learn how to integrate the wisdom of the all-knowing universe within them and stop feeling out of control of their own lives.

What I undo

Stagnancy, autopilot, complacency, self-doubt, fears, trauma, uncertainty, confusion, loneliness, disillusionment, disempowerment...What else do you want to undo?

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Astrology or Intuitive

Empower yourself with the awareness of the limitless potential inherent in your natal astrology and current planetary influences with an astrology reading.

Starting at $35

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Receive direct messages from your divine team in connection with the answers you seek. 

Starting at $35

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Establish sacred intentions for an energetic healing session, detangle from what no longer serves you, balance the major energy centers of the body, and receive emotional, physical, and mental relief.

Your initial session will require more time and investment. I offer single sessions thereafter at a flat rate and discounted multiple sessions packages.

Starting at $39

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The mentoring program is a 12 week container. We meet 1:1 on a weekly basis for 1 hour with ongoing support.

We use the wisdom of the zodiac, your natal astrology, reiki, and yoga to awaken your soul's wisdom and propel you out of stagnancy and into aligned action.

In 12 weeks, you will regain control over your life and develop a plan of action to transform it into the wise vision that has always been nesting within your soul. You will also cultivate the courage to see your plan through.

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Once to twice a month, I host workshops using astrology, reiki, yoga and use these modalities for various areas of self-empowerment. 

In the past, I've hosted workshops on lunar manifestation with group reiki healings, astrology for self-love &. conscious relationships, as well as on astrology for holistic self-care. 

Join a workshop and heal in community.

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The session with Lupe has been truly amazing. She had a very good understanding of many aspects of my life and a lot of useful information and advice for the future. Her attitude was understanding, empathetic and I felt a positive and warm energy. I feel much more confident in what I have to do from now on. I highly recommend Lupe.

- Andreea Tranca, Astrology Reading

The virtual experience I had with Lupe was magical.  She walked me through every step of what would take place during the Reiki session. She then guided me through a relaxation with gentle music playing in the background. It was soothing. After the session, I noticed the Reiki continued to work through my body through various forms. All in all, I felt lighter than when I started.

-- Gina, Remote Healing

Co-Founder of Brooklyn Bridge Flow

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